Pet Lodging

We take your pet’s well-being seriously!

Bring your pet to the experts and allow us to take care of the rest. Your pet will have an enjoyable time at our state-of-the-art facility, with daily staff interaction and supervision to ensure their well-being. Your pal has the opportunity to participate in an array of daily activities ranging from pool-time in the summer to community play and walk time. Choose the activities that are best for your pet!


Our barracks accommodate dogs of all sizes . Our barracks are clean, temperature-controlled, and relaxing. When your dogs are not sleeping in their bunk they will be outside for fresh air.


We welcome feline friends to our facility as well. Feline guests have a separate play room far from our dog guests. All of our felines have the benefit of relaxing in a cozy playroom with carpet-covered posts, perches, hiding places, and all day movies!

Spacious Quarters

Your pet will have plenty of room to stretch out and sleep.

Daily Housekeeping

Your pet will be stocked with fresh food, water, and bedding.

Premier Pet Care

Any medication needed can be dispensed at no extra cost

Daily Exercise

Your pet can enjoy play time, walk time, and cuddle time!

Family Quarters

If you have multiple pets, we offer larger family size kennels.

Special Events

We offer many holiday specials, events, meals, and deals.

Hours of Operation


Monday – Friday: 9am-5:30pm

Boarding Pick Up 9am-12pm, pick up available 12-5:30pm with Daycare Charge. 

Saturday: Boarding Drop Off Hours: 9am-10 and/or 4-5pm

Saturday Pick-Up Hours: 9am-10am, PickUp Available 4-5pm with Daycare Charge

Sunday: CLOSED


Monday Through Friday 5:45am-6pm

Saturday Daycare: By Appointment Only (5) Spots Pending Availability 

Sunday: CLOSED

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